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Path of Exile - Beta journal entry #1

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I’d been out of PC gaming for a good while until a new poe Chaos Orb machine arrived on Friday. My last time sat gaming at a PC was around the release of the original Far Cry and The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. With everything set up and running the important decision was what to play first. Previous to my new electronic friend arriving there’d been talk of Path of Exile over on the forum and the open beta had just started. Well, that was my first dilemma resolved.

What hadn’t been taken into account was just how popular this would be. Grinding Gears Games’ server for downloading came under intense pressure as a new audience was eager to see what it was about, and the current user base took on the latest update. The five gigabyte download took several hours. Some of this time was spent reading the forums, which in hindsight did more harm than good. As mentioned, there’d been a gap in PC video gaming and thus a period of time away from more complicated in-game systems. Threads about the difficulty of the game and jargon regarding character builds that made no sense had me confused.

Still, we all learn differently and for me the hands-on approach is best. An account was created as well as off we sailed. Aboard the ship were six characters steeped in shadows. Highlighting an individual would have them step forward into the light, their voiceover and appearance then presented. Having recently finished up Torchlight a sorcerer seemed the fitting choice. And so the witch was chosen. My usual gamertag/in-game name was available and with that the deliver crashed.

Shipwrecked, my witch woke on a shore, an injured man by her side.Path of Exile Chaos Orb  As she began to converse him a corpse by his side came alive and devoured him. Now was the time to defend with a reactive offensive. With no spells, she relied on the power of the actual fist to knock the undead creature back to the ground. A wooden wand experienced washed up nearby, and with this equipped, she moved on to find the nearest town. Route of Exile looks and plays smoothly, and my adventures will be recorded here.

I’ll be continuing to update this journal during my exploration of Path of Relégation. Stick around.

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