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Team Envy Continue to Make Significant CS:GO Roster Changes





CSGO Weapon Skins SMG - In a time of significant changes for many of the top CS:GO rosters, Team Envy have made yet another roster move as they removed AWPer Christophe ‘SIXER’ Xia from the active lineup.


Envy have already made headlines in recent weeks after they decided to bench Alexandre ‘xms’ Forté and replace him with former FaZe star Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey.


After a lacklustre 2017 season, it came as little surprise to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community when Team Envy started to make roster moves after the ELEAGUE Boston Major.


The addition of kioShiMa to the starting lineup was certainly a start for the French team, but few believed that his inclusion would be enough to turn things around completely.


It appears that the Envy organization agreed with this feeling, as they made an announcement on February 6th about their AWPer, SIXER.


The former Counter-Strike 1.6 veteran has been with Envy for over a year but has been one of the weakest statistical performers ever since, moving many people to call for his removal.


Now the 26 year old has been moved to the bench and has been replaced by 22 year old Ali ‘hAdji’ Haïnouss, an up-and-coming player that was previously on the Envy Academy team.


With no AWP specialist now on the roster, reports claim that the team will now rely on the powerful sniper rifle less in their setups.


Vincent ‘Happy’ Schopenhauer is the most likely candidate to pick up the AWP when required, but Flickshot.fr states that he will only use it sparingly and predominantly on the CT side.


With top French teams often opting to follow a force-heavy tactical style, the lack of reliance on the $4750 weapon would make economical sense for the Envy team.

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