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New chemise lingerie Limitless Bra from Tesco’s




Tesco’s exclusive lingerie brand, Diamond Boutique chemise lingerie has unveiled a pioneering new bra design, The Limitless Bra, which can be worn a never-ending number of ways.

The bra comes in several parts, including two plus size garter belt cups and a selection of straps, giving its wearer the power to make it up ‘DIY-style&'. Each cup features 24 hook positions and the back strap another 28, making the Limitless Bra one of the first bra designs ever to offer limitless ways of wearing it.

MJM International, the producer fashion dresses of Diamond Boutique has taken over a year and hundreds of hours of testing to perfect the revolutionary bra created exclusively for Tesco customers. The product will retail at £16.00 and will be available in sizes 32-38 A-D in black and nude.

The bra&'s inventor Michelle Mone, co-founder of MJM xxfddgsrsfde International and creator of Diamond Boutique told Lingerieblog.co.uk, “Diamond Boutique is committed to meeting womens lingerie needs, which is why I&'m so excited about this phenomenal new design. The Limitless Bra is unlike any other bra available on the market and can be worn hundreds of different ways. Women will be thrilled to find out that this really does deliver every bra style they will ever need, plus some”

She added; “This is plus size garter belt without doubt a ‘must have&' garment for every lingerie drawer and is the bra women have been waiting for. These days fashion is so experimental, it&'s often a hassle finding the right bra for the right outfit, any girl will tell you. But this bra can be easily constructed and adjusted to sit perfectly underneath any garment, with no straps showing and providing all the support your bust needs. It really is an unbelievable product.”

Made fashion dresses from smooth micro-fibre material and available in black and nude, The Limitless Bra is invisible under any outfit.

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