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  1. buy KNIFE Skins for csgo - The Danish CS:GO lineup Astralis have confirmed the signing of OpTic Gaming player Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif. Having stated that they did not intend to make any immediate changes following a disappointing performance at the E League Major, Astralis suddenly found themselves a player down when Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjaerbye left without warning to join their Danish rivals North. The news came as such a surprise to his teammates that a number of them learned about the move through the press, and posted their shock at the news on social media. A number of replacements had been floated, but the general consensus was that dropped North player Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke would be announced. That all changed when Magisk was released by OpTic Gaming alongside Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas on Tuesday, February 6th. Though he was once one of Denmark’s great rising talents, Magisk has fallen out of prominence to some degree more recently, with his time on OpTic Gaming yet to have yielded any big results. As a result, his wasn’t a name being thrown around among the most likely candidates. In order to be a little bit different, the Astralis management confirmed their new player by putting him in a video with coach Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen with a play on words of their new recruit. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  2. CSGO Gloves Skins For Sale - A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament organized by Play2Live is set to take place later this month and will award the winning team with cryptocurrency, as opposed to cash prizes. The tournament will be held in Minsk, Belarus, on February 25th, where eight teams will battle it out to see who has the sharpest reflexes and tightest team strategy. Winners are set to receive a $100,000 reward for first place in the form of cryptocurrency. The prize money, however, will not come in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Rather, winners will receive Play2Live’s own cryptocurrency, Level Up Coin (LUC). At the time of this writing, Level Up Coin is not listed on as the public pre-sale for the LUC token ends on February 5th. The token sale event will run from February 12th until March 5th. Play2Live itself aims to become a “full-blown ecosystem for eSports” by focusing on content generation and the “practical needs of streamers.” It also aims to provide a way for everyone involved in the eSports community to get paid, from tournament organizers to the viewers themselves, via blockchain technology. Alexey Burdyko, CEO and founder at Play2Live, believes the tournament, which will be broadcast by Play2Live in seven languages, is a milestone towards the successful marriage of competitive gaming and blockchain technology, stating: And we are even more excited to host the world’s first ever esport tournament with crypto prize: an event, that will become a milestone in further integration of the blockchain technology into gaming industry. Viewers will be able to tune in to the upcoming tournament broadcast and place bets with LUC tokens on their team of choice, including wagers on which team achieves the first kill or pulls off the first headshot. If successful, we may see more and more eSports tournaments award cryptocurrency instead of cash—as well as more integration between competitive gaming, live streaming, and blockchain technology. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  3. CSGO Weapon Skins SMG - In a time of significant changes for many of the top CS:GO rosters, Team Envy have made yet another roster move as they removed AWPer Christophe ‘SIXER’ Xia from the active lineup. Envy have already made headlines in recent weeks after they decided to bench Alexandre ‘xms’ Forté and replace him with former FaZe star Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey. After a lacklustre 2017 season, it came as little surprise to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community when Team Envy started to make roster moves after the ELEAGUE Boston Major. The addition of kioShiMa to the starting lineup was certainly a start for the French team, but few believed that his inclusion would be enough to turn things around completely. It appears that the Envy organization agreed with this feeling, as they made an announcement on February 6th about their AWPer, SIXER. The former Counter-Strike 1.6 veteran has been with Envy for over a year but has been one of the weakest statistical performers ever since, moving many people to call for his removal. Now the 26 year old has been moved to the bench and has been replaced by 22 year old Ali ‘hAdji’ Haïnouss, an up-and-coming player that was previously on the Envy Academy team. With no AWP specialist now on the roster, reports claim that the team will now rely on the powerful sniper rifle less in their setups. Vincent ‘Happy’ Schopenhauer is the most likely candidate to pick up the AWP when required, but states that he will only use it sparingly and predominantly on the CT side. With top French teams often opting to follow a force-heavy tactical style, the lack of reliance on the $4750 weapon would make economical sense for the Envy team. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  4. CSGO RIFLE Skins - It has been reported that OpTic Gaming’s Kevin ‘HS’ Tam is looking to potentially join Renegades. According to a report from Dbltap, HS is in talks to fill the spot left by Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic, who has left Renegades to join Team Liquid in place of Josh ‘JDM’ Marzano. HS is the third member of the OpTic Gaming CS:GO squad departing, with the organization having already confirmed that both Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas and Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif will be leaving the team. Having joined the squad just over five months ago, when OpTic Gaming overhauled its CS:GO line-up to build an entirely European roster. Unfortunately, that line-up’s time together failed to produce any remarkable results, and seems set to undergo a significant rebuild once again. In a recent AMA, VP of Esports at Infinite Esports and Entertainment Jacob ‘Maelk’ Toft-Anderson confirmed that OpTic Gaming’s new CS:GO line-up has now been finalized. Whether or not HS ultimately moves to Renegades, that he is currently negotiating with a new team would seem to suggest at least that he will no longer be competing for OpTic. If the move does in fact go through, HS would be very much following in NAF’s footsteps, who himself joined Renegades after parting ways with OpTic Gaming during the roster shuffle that brought HS to the organization. Both OpTic Gaming and Renegades will have to have finalized their rosters before Wednesday February 7th, when rosters will be locked for the next season of the ESL Pro League. After the lock, teams can only make two roster changes within a season. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  5. buy KNIFE Skins for csgo - Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar’s reaction to the final few rounds of the intense ELEAGUE Boston CS:GO Major are truly priceless. The 30 year old is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and built a large portion of his fan base while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the early years of the game. However, the former semi-professional player now tends to favor newer games like the popular battle royale titles of PUBG and Fortnite. But that doesn’t mean that the former semi-professional player has forgotten his roots and his excitement as he watched his compatriots on Cloud9 fight for Major glory was plain to see. In a video uploaded by the Twitch Central YouTube channel, the best bits of summit watching the epic match show the roller coaster of emotions that he went through. Watching as Cloud9 brought things back from the precipice to force overtime, with an amazing Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip triple kill, summit can be seen and heard screaming “let’s go". You can also see the stress in the popular streamer’s eyes as he watches Cloud9 squander championship point during the first overtime. However, the true gold comes when the plucky underdogs make it to championship point for a second time and this time capitalize on it to claim the title at the $1,000,000 event. Screaming “THEY F*CKING WON THE MAJOR BRO", summit looks totally shocked and clarifies the fact that Cloud9 had just made history. With North American Counter-Strike being more of a meme than anything else to many CS:GO fans in recent years, Cloud9 becoming the first NA team to claim a Major has reminded everyone of what the region is capable of Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  6. CSGO Gloves Skins For Sale -Gambling for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins is so 2016. Now, there’s a burgeoning new industry giving them out to players for free. Well: “free.” For years, CS:GO players have bought and sold virtual weapon skins in Steam’s marketplace. They’re cosmetic finishes players can paste on top of guns. As time went on, rarer skins’ market valuations would surpass the thousand-dollar mark. That’s when some savvy gamers had the idea to build websites that let users gamble using CS:GO skins instead of money. 23 skin-gambling sites received cease and desist letters shortly thereafter. Exposed for its gray-area legality (even in places where it might have been legal for adults, there was nothing to stop kids from using it, and they did), the CS:GO skin gambling industry momentarily buckled under pressure from Valve, publisher of CS:GO and the company behind Steam. But the $2.3 billion industry built on its back didn’t evaporate, though; it disseminated. Now, dozens of sites are offering free Counter-Strike skins in exchange for doing online tasks—anything from watching an endless stream of ads to completing the trial of a dumb mobile game to buying twelve chocolate strawberries. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  7. CSGO Weapon Skins SMG - In the immediate wake of the Counter-strike: Global Offensive ELEAGUE Major: Boston, someone purchased a weapon skin for the game’s signature AWP sniper rifle for what could be the most money ever paid for an in-game item. Check out our list of the best multiplayer games ever made for PC. The Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore was sold on for $61,052.63. It has stickers from PGL, G2 Esports, winning CS:GO pro team Cloud9, and Cloud9’s Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, the Boston Major’s MVP, according to Dot Esports. Skins drop for CS:GO viewers during Majors tournaments, and the gold Dragon Lore skins are the rarest. The map being played determines which drops are available, and the player who is named MVP has their sticker attached to the skins that drop. Souvenir editions are rarer still, upping the value even further on resale sites. But it won’t make the AWP any more effective than it already is, and for $61,000, you could also drive home in a brand new Jaguar F-Type. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins
  8. CSGO RIFLE Skins - Skin betting is big business in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It's a subculture that has reached some fairly extreme heights when it comes to making and spending money on weapon skins. While it might seem crazy, someone actually spent $61,000 on a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skin. Polygon is reporting that on Monday, January 29th, 2018, a user ended up spending $61,052.63 on a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin. The skin features an autographed sticker from Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, which apparently raised the sniper rifle's value to absurd heights. So what exactly makes this skin so value? Well, according to Polygon the skin is called Dragon Lore, and it's one of the rarest and most expensive skins in the skin-trading and skin-betting circles. They're only available through loot crates known as Cobblestone Packages. Part of the reason that the price for this particular skin was so high was because there's a skin grading process in effect for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapons. The more in-use they are or the lower the grade they are the more "wear" they have on them. So battle-worn skins are scratched and dinged up with dirt and wear and tear on them. The opposite of that is the "Factory New" skins, which are described in the article as being "crystal clear" and brand spanking new. So the clearer and more pristine looking the skin, the rarer it is. For the Dragon Lore skin with the autograph from author Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, it turns out that the skin was "Factory New". So not only was this the most rare skin in Valve's game with an autographed signature on it, but it was also in pristine condition. Obviously the value of the weapon skyrocketed, hence why it sold for over $61,000. The original owner of the skin had picked it up for $35,000 and then sold it for $61,000, making a healthy profit on the weapon skin. He told Polygon that he's financially stable enough to make such transactions. The CS:GO trading community had a heavy blow dealt to it a while back when some of the skin trading sites were forced to shut down after gambling commissions stepped in and forced Valve to issue cease and desist letters to have some of those places close up shop. Nevertheless, some of the skin trading organizations still exist where users post up skins to sell to other users. In this case, the high-rolling skin trading taking place in Count-Strike: Global Offensive still seems to be going strong. As evident with the sale of the Dragon Lore, some gamers most certainly place a high value on the worth of skins in some games. We've seen similar transactions take place for games like Star Citizen, where gamers have been spending big to get their hands on space ships to help fund the development of the game. I suppose while the money may be used in Cloud Imperium Games' case to develop a game, in the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the big price tags is simply to get one's hands on the most rare skin in the game. Here's to hoping the sixty-one grand was worth it. Article written by: Contact Email: In-game Service: rifle skins, smg skins, knife skins, gloves skins