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Bolivia at the head of regional countries

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LA PAZ D.J. Humphries Jersey , July 3 (Xinhua) -- Bolivia leads South American nations in economic growth, the Bolivian government announced on Monday, citing forecasts from top global agencies.


The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) all project Bolivia's gross domestic product (GDP) to grow at a higher rate in 2017 than other regional countries.


"International organizations are recognizing the results of Bolivia's good economic management Robert Nkemdiche Jersey , and ranking us first in South America, with the best GDP figures and growth forecasts," Vice Minister of Budget and Fiscal Accounting, Jaime Duran Budda Baker Jersey , said at a press conference.


The IMF, WB and ECLAC have all placed Bolivia at the head of regional countries, with expected GDP growth of around 4 percent.


The IMF said Bolivia's growth rate up to April was 4 percent, followed by Peru with 3.5 percent and Paraguay with 3.3 percent.


The ECLAC and WB figures are similar.


In a telephone interview with Xinhua Haason Reddick Jersey , economist and former Bolivian central bank official Luis Ballivian underscored the importance of Bolivia's economic performance.


"This growth -- which has translated into economic, political and social stability for the country -- is due to a series of factors, mainly the robust export of raw materials, and public and private investment that have driven the domestic economy."


INE's report said the sector that most drove economic growth last year was construction Chase Edmonds Jersey , which saw 7.8 percent expansion, along with financial services, insurance and real estate.


The Bolivian government growth forecast for 2017 is 4.8 percent.


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With obesity in the modern world increasing every single day, the majority of the population is actually overweight. The problem is countrywide and the particular blame may not be all yours. Due to the time individuals need to invest nowadays Mason Cole Jersey , men and women hardly ever have the opportunity to sit back and have healthy meals. How often have you been forced to stop at McDonald's to grab a fast burger or something for breakfast simply because you don't have the time to eat a suitable meal?

While some individuals will simply by all that processed foods anyway because it's much easier to just pop something in the microwave than it is to prepare a healthy meal. And one of the worst actions you can take would be to eat a large meal before you go to bed, however, many individuals don't find the time during the day to eat and this is their only alternative. Each one of these little things are adding to your excess weight. If you truly want to lose weight all you've got to do is to have a little dedication and will power and get it done. Losing weight is never easy, but we intend to share a few simple tips with you that will help you along in your weight loss goal.

A number of people don't get moving in the early morning and have to by pass breakfast Christian Kirk Jersey , this is often a huge mistake. I am aware many of you probably forget about breakfast, but without breakfast your metabolic process will end up being sluggish throughout the day. As soon as you actually eat breakfast, your metabolism needs to go to work in order to break down and process the foods you ate. I am also not necessarily saying that you need to eat a huge breakfast. You could start off with a few scrambled eggs every day. But you must try to eat breakfast.

Yet another excellent idea is to take some healthy snack food items together with you when you leave your home for the day. Come mid-morning many individuals head to the vending machine because they're famished. If you have healthy treats ready you will not end up being eating the worthless junk from the vending machine. You are able to snack throughout the day and still shed pounds if your eating the right types of foods.

Yet another thing you can do is to pack your lunch as opposed to visiting McDonald's Any time you go out to get your meals at McDonald's, you no doubt know your not getting a proper meal. You should also be following the same principles when it comes to your dinner.

One additional thing which truly helps out is to not cook too much food. Making only what you ought to eat should help Sam Bradford Jersey , and here's why. How frequently do you return for seconds because the food was good and you just want more. And so simply by cooking just what you ought to eat, you will not be tempted to only have a little more. So when your done eating the amount you should eat, but you still want more, you will need to begin cooking more food. For the most part you are going to just be content with what you ate rather than cooking again.

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