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If your house has a pool, make sure that it is fenced

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Are you one of those people who have a dog with impaired eye sight? If yes Ken Boyer Cardinals Jersey , you probably know that taking care of a blind dog is not as easy as caring for the sighted dog.

Your blind dog will bump into things in its path, but gradually will learn the layout of your house, just the way blind people do. However, if you change or shift your furniture, they will again have difficulty in walking and will stumble around for a while. So you have to be very careful when making any interior changes.

At the same time Enos Slaughter Cardinals Jersey , it is also very important for you to ensure that you keep the path for your dog clear and make sure that everything is picked up and kept away.

Apart from your house, you also need to keep your yard clear, as the dog is likely to wander in your yard. After all, that is his playground. The lawn mower should be put away and the chairs must be rearranged in a position that would not cause any injury to your dog.

If your house has a pool, make sure that it is fenced Roger Maris Cardinals Jersey , as pools could also be dangerous for blind dogs, especially for the pups. This is very important because even if the dog knows how to swim, he may not be able to locate the stairs to get out of the pool. Due to exhaustion, he may eventually drown and die.

If your house has a staircase without the railings, it may be all the more dangerous and can result in severe injury to your dog due to a fall from a height. You must put something up along the bottom portion of the railing to avoid a tragic situation. You may find it a little inconvenient Albert Pujols Cardinals Jersey , but the very fact that you love your dog so much will make everything easier for you.

It is not too difficult to keep a blind dog. All you need is a little planning, backed up by some extra patience. Fencing off a pool, leaving the furniture in place, and always keeping walkways clear of toys are the things you can do. If you follow these suggestions, you will notice that your blind dog is not very different from any other dog in your neighborhood.

Different reasons are responsible for blindness in dogs. Some cannot be treated. However Red Schoendienst Cardinals Jersey , there are many cases in which you may be able to give the gift of sight to your blind dog. Of course, you will need a good amount of money for those surgeries and treatments. Often, due to financial constraints or due to some other reason, people opt to let their dog live with its blindness, but take very good care of it.

One very important thing to understand and remember is that unlike humans who do not like to live with their disabilities Dexter Fowler Cardinals Jersey , dogs are happy to live their lives despite any physical limitations that they may have.

Your dog is your family member and it deserves all the love and care that you can offer. Besides, it is not all that difficult to take care of your blind dog.


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By Alex Osei-Boateng


ACCRA, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- Ghana has appointed a new physical fitness trainer for the senior national soccer team, the Black Stars.


Jamie Lawrence, a former Jamaican international, has been appointed to work with head coach Avram Grant during the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Equatorial Guinea next month.


Lawrence's appointment will see him take up the role which was until now held by assistant coach Maxwell Konadu.


He is expected in Accra on Monday to begin physical conditioning of the Ghana squad at the Accra Sports Stadium on Tuesday.


The former manager of Southern League side Ashford Town will put the players through their paces before the start of the three-week competition in January.


The Black Stars are billed to begin non-residential camping in Accra on Tuesday before traveling to Spain to fine-tune for 10 days ahead of the AFCON finals which kick off on Jan. 17 and end on Feb. 8 Willie McGee Cardinals Jersey , 2015.


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