The Madden NFL 23 should be embarrassed


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Three major Mut 23 Coins investigations combined took less time than has been devoted to Watson. It's like the league wants to drag this out for as long as they can so Watson is able to take the field for Cleveland this fall, and nothing makes sense. Rice was suspended indefinitely, to allow the league's investigation. Hardy was placed on the commissioner's list of exempted players, yet again, in anticipation of an investigation.

Watson has been permitted to participate, as normal with all football events for the past 15 months. The market for trades was allowed to occur. The Browns were allowed to make Watson the highest-paid quarterback in Madden NFL 23. and safeguard Watson against financial losses resulting from the possibility of suspension by cutting his 2022 salary and paying Watson more on the back end.

There's never been more extensive in-depth allegations of sexual assault against a person. More than twenty women have come forward and accused Watson of sexual assault or harassment. It's unclear how players like Rice and Hardy have been suspended pending an investigation but the only penalty Watson has faced is being pressured to shut down Watson's Twitter page.

Take note that Watson's treatment is also against the league's own personal conduct policy. Inside Madden NFL 23 documents clearly indicate that players under investigation by Madden NFL 23 will be placed on the commissioner's exempt lists pending the completion of the investigation -- which Watson never was.

The Madden NFL 23 should be embarrassed, but that's a requirement for an organization that is capable of transforming. Now it's time for fans and sponsors to ask questions. The story has lasted enough. After sixteen years and nine different teams, Ryan Fitzpatrick is calling his career. The 39-year-old quarterback has decided to hang his hat, and sending messages to his former teammates and saying thanks to them for being a part of his Buy Mut Coins Madden 23 -- and that list of players is extremely long.

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