RuneScape does not come without its share of microtransactions


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There were games such as OSRS gold or Guild Wars that allowed you to chat and quest with people from all over, and all you needed was an internet connection to do it. My preferred fantastical substance of choice was RuneScape, a game that saw me and my brother playing together to defeat the Corporeal Beast as we learned to cook monkfish in a stunning way and then play a few games Gnome Ball.

Those days of coming back from school, and then hopping on the computer shared with us, and later , our own computers but leaving our bedroom doors open for us to shout strategies and beg for gold were one of the most memorable experiences I was fortunate enough to experience growing up.

I've kept track of RuneScape throughout the years to ensure my account from 2005 was still in good shape. However, it wasn't until two months ago that I received a message from a good friend from my Gamer Squad* which read, "I want to play runescape" and I set off on my quest to Gielinor.

Like every excellent MMO In RuneScape, the aim of RuneScape changes drastically from player to player. Maybe you want to complete each of the more than 200 quests in order to earn Legendary Hero status. Perhaps you're interested in mastering some of the skills to earn the prestigious Skill Mastery cape. You might want to earn billions of flipping items on Grand Exchanges.

This mission marked the most relaxing year of the pandemic. Yes, it was boring, but RuneScape is so good at doing a great job of rewarding your grind that it almost felt as if I and my friends were goofing off playing Discord like normal, but with the goal of setting goals.

Of course, RuneScape does not come without its share of microtransactions. This is the darkest feature of the game that MMOs have in common with RuneScape and Buy RuneScape gold have almost invented, however, with my adult income having a membership, it wasn't a burden as well as, even beyond membership, everything else--cool cosmetics to intimidate other players as well as XP boosters, game-specific money--is almost completely optional.

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